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Chad will be here in less than a week. He's visiting.

A visit is what I requested and it's better than nothing. It just sounded good. Spur of the moment. We're going to Vegas on the 19th and 20th and I'm just planning on having fun with him. I hope my moodiness and bitchiness is non existent. I also hope I won't get sick while he's here. My ear has been bugging me for about a week. I don't wanna go to my pcp cause his office opens at my bedtime and I can never get an appointment and blah.

Anyway last night at work I asked one of the docs about some ear drops I have that granny gave me and he said he had no idea what they were. "Your ears are bothering you? Let me take a look.."

He's super nice. I didn't expect it. He prescribed something called azithromycin (sp) for an infection i have on the right ear. The pain has been spreading to my head and throat these last couple of days. I'm glad I have something to take and hopefully it does the trick. I hate getting sick in any freaking way. It's such an inconvenience. All i wanna do is sleep just so I won't have to feel anything. Lame, I know.

Work kicked my ass last night. It was so busy and I enjoyed it though, I got my shiz done and it went by pretty quickly.

The ND concert was last week. That was fun. I was getting drunk during paramore not paying any attention. They're so obnoxious and we missed the sounds completely. No Doubt played a good show though that was the night my ear started hurting so freaking bad. puh, oh well.

Not a whole lot else is going on. Still trying to save money and cutting corners and all that stuff. i guess its going well. I just hope I can continue to save while Chad is here cause I need money for the vacation in october. Still have no fucking idea where I'm going.

I watched In Bruges yesterday. It was fantastic. It had three harry potter actors in it haha. I was totally clueless to that. I didn't know Collin Farrel could act, honestly I'd never seen him in much of anything but he was damn good. That film is easily one of my favorites.

Also lately I can't stop watching curb your enthusiasm on demand.

Saving money= staying in watching tv. I guess I've been doing quite well. Larry David is freaking brilliant.

its bedtime.

Didn't know you still use Livejournal. I only keep mine to look back and say... Fuck.. I was so retarded... haha.