I don't want to work tonight. I had a good time yesterday and I'm way sleep deprived. I worked on Wednesday night and got home around 8 a.m. I couldn't get to sleep until about 11 and I woke up at 3 p.m. cause I'd made plans with Chad, Chely, Steve and Ricky to go to happy hour at El Torito. We met up over there at around 5:30 and had a good time. Marlene joined us and had some food and water. I kept giving her sips of my drinks and we could have pretty much ordered her one and it wouldn't have mattered since our waiter didn't card any of us but she didn't seem to want anything.

Conversation was awesome as it always is when we all get together. We made plans to go to San Diego on my weekend off (which is on the 17th and 18th) which I'm pretty excited about. After happy hour we parted ways for a little bit. We decided to meet up at the house and play video games and keep drinking. So of course I made a beer run, grabbed a 30 pack of some Mexican beer and some other shit and we played Mario Party 7 on the Wii and Street Fighter II for hours. I don't know how I managed to stay up all night but somehow I did. I fell asleep at one point for a good ten minutes and somehow managed to stay up with Chad until around 6 am. Once everyone left Chad and I had some good drunken conversation that seemed to go in every direction. Sober or drunk we'll always be on the same page and always be considerate of one another and I love that so much. It just makes me so excited to be next to him because we have way more good times than bad. Hardly ever bad really. I fell asleep at around 6:30 and woke up a couple of times aching for water but unable to get my ass up to go get it. I finally got out of bed at noon and started cleaning up the mess of paper cups, beer cans and brownies that we all left. For whatever reason when I get wasted I become an iron chef. Cause I always wanna start cooking shit. haha
I made a big batch of brownies in the middle of the night and woke up to crumbs all over the room. The Wii is still in my room, next to the xbox which is next to all the other stuff I don't know how to turn on or off.

I feel tired right now. I just got done cleaning and I'm doing some laundry. I need clean work clothes for the next four brutal nights. :/
I have Tuesday night off. We planned a "pasta day" for Tuesday we're gonna cook, drink wine and probably hang out all night all over again and I can't wait. I needed this. I work too much and don't really relax and act stupid enough anymore.

Chad told me during happy hour yesterday that there's a concert he's taking me to for my birthday. Jack Johnson. He's getting tickets for me tomorrow and I'm SO EXCITED. Most of all I'm impressed with the fact that he would dare attend since it's not his thing. I'm beaming at the thought. I better be on my best behavior for this UFC expo thing we're going to...give and take. I keep having to remind myself to just smile and go with it sometimes. hehe

I love my friends. I hate that I never see them anymore. We're just gonna make the best of these next couple of weeks before Steve's gotta go back. I can't wait til he's officially back. It won't be til next year thought but it's a great thing to look forward to. 

My back is still hurting. It never got worse it just seems to be getting better very, fucking slowly.

I believe, it is now nap time.