I have been in pain for three days now. It doesn't feel too bad right now but I started having the gnarliest back pain on Saturday on the way to take Chely out for the birthday dinner. I was driving like an asshole because of it and my back still hurts right now but not as bad. I've been putting these cold and heat patches on it and taking vicodin which seems to help A LOT. But it totally sucks. I went into work yesterday for that stupid 5 hour shift which I'll never willingly pick up again. I can't stand the morning crew and I refuse to work with those whores I'd much rather work with the mid shift at least they're actually productive. Fuck overtime. Never again. I really don't think I need it this badly. So having this weekend off didn't feel like a weekend off it totally sucked. I don't get another one til 4/17. I will await anxiously until then.

I slept through most of my sister's birthday yesterday. I couldn't help it I laid down when I got home from picking up her cake and knocked the fuck out. I woke up to find Ricky Steve and Johnny in her room and we had a good time for a few short hours. I hate what a bad friend I've become just kind of consumed by work. I hate it. I'm hoping we can all do happy hour on Thursday, just let loose or whatever.

Yesterday's earthquake freaked me out. I was parked outside of Claim Jumper and I'd reclined the seat and was trying to "relax" while waiting for 4 o'clock to come by so I could pick up the cake I'd ordered and my car just wouldn't stop moving. I'm laying there looking out the window and I'm just wobbling along. I got out of the car and lost my freaking balance so I held onto the car and was moving in slow humping motion freaked out...i hate those things.

Not much going on right now. I work tonight and I don't even want to think about it. I can't wait til Thursday only because it's my day off.

I hope I get that $250.00 bonus check from work. Like,soon.