I am supposed to have this coming weekend off of work but I decided to pick up some OT on Sunday. It's only five hours and I refuse to work any more than that on that particular day (it's chely's birthday after all). I could really use the money right now. Chad and I are halfway through booking our Vegas trip. We have our UFC expo tickets and our UFC 114 match tickets already purchased. We're gonna book the room this weekend and the price went up a little bit since the last time I looked but we can't wait any longer the closer it gets to the date the worst it's gonna be. We're still gonna need to get our plane tickets and it'll be all good. So we're working as much as we can right now to just GET. IT. DONE.

There's nothing else really going on. Lately I HATE to sleep. I have nightmares every single day and I just don't want to deal with it anymore. I don't know why my doctor said the night terrors could be due to this on-again off-again ulcer I have. I can't get rid of the stress though, for the life of me there's just too much on my mind, all the freaking time.

I had about five hours of sleep tonight but I don't work tonight so I should be fine. Steve's back in town. He got here a few days ago and he's yet to call, it's actually irritating the shit out of me. He text me yesterday asking if I wanted to smoke with him and Ricky. I won't smoke after what happened to Chad on x-mas eve. Fuck that. Anyway I declined and had to leave for work so I didn't even see him or anything but I hope I get to see him soon.

It looks like it's going to rain tonight. I hope it does. Few things can make me as happy as the rain.