i feel better than i did yesterday...i feel better than i did 20 mins ago.

busy night. i'm exhausted. and it doesn't help that i'm a raging bitch when i'm on my period.

all is well now. had the greatest shower ever.

i work tonight but i'm off tomorrow. fucking yay.

i've got no plans for my day off but sometimes no plans are better then having them.

i've got a date with jacky on friday. yay. she and i don't hang out much outside of work so this should be fun. the no doubt concert is on sunday. woot.

i wish i had a camera to take pictures. i hope i will by then.

::crosses fingers::

not much else going on. doing my best at work...hoping its good enough. i'm done stressing over it.

my back has been killing me for a month now. i've been told it could be a pinched nerve. i'm fine most of the day its usually around4 or 5 am on a work day when it really starts killing and not until i get home and get into a not so painful position am i able to somewhat ignore it.


i can't believei its almost august. i can't believe i'll be 24 soon. yikes. getting closer to 25. i better start working on making something of myself cause i feel like an effing loser.

its almost bedtime. i need to find my blow dryer first. i hate when people take my shit.